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Jesus is my Righteousness
#283 in Christian SongVault Certified
Jesus is my Righteousness
World Transformation
Christian HipHop / Rap
Length: 3:30
On Network Since Mar 3, 2011
SongVault Certified Artist 22N

Asbury Park
New Jersey, United States

Christian HipHop / Rap / Christian Urban / R&B

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Artist Bio
Features the Triple threat Rap, R&B and worship singing vocalist of Sherry K
And the Rapping, background singing, and music production skills of Prophet Minister.

Both ordained Minister and community activist these two certainly practice what they preach

Minister their aggressive take no prisoners approach from the streets of New York to the Shores of New Jersey along with ministering in gang infested streets up and down the east coast they have earned their respect in and out of the Gospel world.

Breaking forth this year with four album releases all at once you will definitely feel the fire of God and the versatility
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