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Virginia, United States

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Ashley Barnes was born October 27, 1984. He was raised in the heart of New Town a neighborhood known for drugs and violence. During his time in the neighborhood he enjoyed success in sports and academics. However he grew angry at being poor. He hated his surroundings for its crack fiends and excuses for not having things. He didnít enjoy any luxuries as a child. Things like ac gas heat, showers, cable; cars, nice clothing, three meals, etc. were not part of his childhood. However Ashley Barnes grew an attitude that he controlled his own destiny. He felt he could change things.
That attitude became needed as Ashley Barnes grew into an adult. He numerously found himself in situations with murder victims, police raids, and drug bust. Finally his family was forced to move. His brother Shawn moved to north side and Ashley and his parents moved to Highland Springs with his grandparents. Ashley transferred schools and transferred lifestyles. His parents got clean and he first hand got a taste of middle class living. He meets friends from different backgrounds and conjoined them with his friends form Henderson middle and new town. By time Ashley got to high school he had an idea that he was suppose to succeed.
When Ashley got to high school everything changed again his farther died the summer going to 10th grade. His mother moved out his fatherís parentís house to an apartment close to her other son Shawn around north side. Ashley transferred to Henrico High and before his 16th birthday, his grand father died. This devastated Ashley, his grandfather was the one who provided for Ashley. With his grandfather and his farther dead Ashley lost his ties to his real family Barnes. All A- money had was his brotherís dadís side of the family to trust. With finical burdens again upon Ashley, he has no other choice than to turn to the street. Using sale pitches that would rival mainstream commercials Ashley enjoyed immediate success. However with his success soon came hard lessons about the game. He first got locked up for procession with intent to distribute marijuana and then he got locked up again for malicious wounding. This got Ashley juvenile time and probation. Also custody of Ashley was given to the state and then to the Lundyís. The Lundyís accepted Ashley into there home. They taught him the value of saving money and hard work. They also taught him how to become independent. He was sent back to his Mothers house only a year after his custody was revoked. There Ashley got back into old habits. However due to his probation he was a lot calmer and relaxed this time around. This approach served him well. He again enjoyed much success. He graduated highschool on June 2002. By his 18th birthday he had an apartment of his own and was attending VCU. Largely due to success in the street and financial aid he enjoyed many luxuries other freshman didnít enjoy. His apartment was well furnished, he drove a Lexus, and he wore diamond chains and luxury name brands clothing. This is also around the time Ashley really started rapping he appeared on five songs on the S.T. mix tape. However his success in the street for him overshadowed everything. He dropped out of VCU only as a sophomore he put it off for more money. He turned solely to the street. He however continued to rap and even started to throw parties playing some of his music. He helped bring artist to Richmond such as Ying Yang twins, and Young Jeezzy. This really open Ashleyís eyes to the money in the rap game. He begins to become more interested in the industry. By 2005 Ashley built a studio in his apartment, and in Feb. 2006 he released his first solo mix tape entitled Marijuana Music. With mix tape success Ashley started doing some open micas and along with S.T. won some talent shows. Now with the completion of Straight outta Richmond A-Money hopes to blow up his label BARENS MUSIC GROUP with his solo release dated for October 27, 2006. In 2007 after his solo release he hosted 321 Supper Club for 6 weeks. There Ashley learned how to dj, which enabled him to break his music. Ashley performed there every week polishing his performance skills to later rock club Babes in Atlanta and open up for Jim Jones back at home in Richmnond. Ashley is a talented lyricist who has lived the life others rap about. He kicks club singles like I wanna fuck, and shake yo booty and street anthems like Marijuana man. He tells his stories from the heart. He is still respected on the street and as well as around the underground hip hop scene in Richmond, Va...
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