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Aaron Berg
Aaron Berg

South Carolina, United States

Folk Rock / East Coast Rap

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In 2007 Aaron Berg traveled over 15,000 miles from the East Coast to California and back living in his car, state parks, and outside motels. Exclusive demo tapes from the four month journey entitled "Love & Coffee" will be released via email podcast this summer along with a travelogue of the same name in September. His Brooklyn based band dubbed The Heavy Love is an electrified folk experiment reaching as far into to the cosmos as Radiohead and as close to the ground as the oldest strains of blues and folk. Berg is the only son of a mom and pop record store founded in upstate South Carolina in 1975. Raised under a record bin, he wound up in New York City in 2002 and at eighteen enrolled in art school but left less than two years later to perform with his band and travel.

His first record is called "Songs For Madame X" and is available on iTunes. His second record is scheduled to be released in September. For more information, exclusive free mp3's , videos, and more visit the band at

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