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After Salem
After Salem

Indiana, United States

Metal / Hard Rock / Hard Rock

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"From the first bass notes into that haunting guitar riff...then those drums! After Salem grabs you and draws you into this song with a slick, big sound. Think Breaking Benjamin meets Godsmack, while Metallica watches on.

The vocal is delivered with power, emotion and confidence. The story unfolds into a memorable chorus anthem to these things that rip us apart. Very interesting sound on the guitar for the lead and it was skillfully woven back and forth through the track. Great, driving Alt-Rock."

- Joy@Play


It was back in 2005 that After Salem began its journey. Back then they were known as Torn Out. They did their tour around Indianapolis playing everywhere they could – college parties, etc… It was rough for them in those years, moving from garage to garage looking for a place to practice. Unknowing to them, those practice years proved to be the foundation of what they are today. In 2007, a chance booking at a Salem, Indiana turned into a major snow storm. Showing up in force they did. The few of the other bands that were scheduled to play that night also, didn’t make it. With strings freezing and an unheated facility, Torn Out left all torn up. After that incident, they changed their name to After Salem. This name had the right ring about it and so did their music. Their new single, “These Things”, was played on the local alternative rock station x103.3 and they couldn’t get enough of this group.
The only remaining original and founding member, Morgan Casteel has been writing,singing and playing rhythm guitar for the band. Other members include Jack Martin (lead guitar, back up vocals), Detro (bass/keys). Their long time friend and studio band mate, Lewis Gill plays the upright bass for them in the studio when needed.

Their single, “These Things” is off of their new CD which is tentatively titled “After Salem”. You can read anything you want into this single - It's up for self interpretation. My feelings about this single is pure rock. It has a fabulous beat, heavy on the vocals, heavy on the drums, heavy on the guitar and with heavy drama. It has well placed hooks and it is an extremely radio friendly song.

One of After Salem’s biggest moment was that they were one of the first unsigned heavy alternative rock bands to get played on a alternative rock radio station in Indianapolis, WRZX 103.3 X 103. They are also play regularly on a local band radio show called The Indy X-Files. They were also nominated at to win the Next Big Thing contest in 2008. They are also looking into touring.

After Salem is currently working with A & R Select out of West Hollywood, Ca., for a record deal, publishing, licensing and/or placement opportunities. For additional information, please contact A & R Select at:

After Salem’s music can be heard and/or purchased by logging onto the following websites: (search: After Salem)
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