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Akeem Brown
Akeem Brown

San Antonio
Texas, United States

HipHop / Rap / Urban

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The # 1 Rap Record Label in Sa-Town has produced a 3 man group by packaging them up for the world this trio is truly the voice of the streets of S.A. Providing a Story-telling, Fun, Energetic, Street wise outlook on things happen in there neighborhood. The Hype on the Rent Due MIXXTAPE is very impressive for some kat's who just grind all day. But with the release of this Mixxtape will seriously take over the Tone and set a new standard for Rappers to meet in there area. Making them the prototype for music in the Sa-Town District to follow the guidelines to the industry. Polar Pimp Ent. is taking over household's, and the way people speak in the streets. Providing them with a enique Swagger then any other cit. Like the chant We get em' fa 9, that has swept thru the country and having Hustler's all over the USA coming to the Tone to see what it is about. Everybody don't get it like that just that bosses (P.P.E.). We have a song on our album called Shraggo Rock and it is in the motion to take over the Airwaves in the near future. For any booking for any show hit manager J-Ross at (210) 723-1824 or (210) 831-0616 or (210) 550-4755. The are truly about the money.
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