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Akubueze Music Ministry (AMM)
Akubueze Music Ministry (AMM)


Gospel / Christian Urban / R&B

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He grew up to like music. But the yen to sing and write that original piece of art which emanates from within an ebullient soul in a multicultural musical context, bottled together that passion for music. And that yen kept growing with the man.

Born to a family whose entrepreneurial skills made them one of Africa-based distributors and promoters of music of unlimited genres, cultures and tongues, P.C. Akubueze, while a young school boy, was actively involved in the family music distribution business.

As a minister in the word of God, an entrepreneur, an author and singer song writer, his broad root knowledge, yen and passion for music sought a fertile soil for creativity, evolution and self expression.

AMM, an acronym for Akubueze Music Ministry, is the music division of P.C AKUBUEZE WORLD EVANGELISM currently based in the European capital city of BRUSSELS-BELGIUM.

It aspires to add another dimension of praise and worship of God where believers would find liberty and purity in hailing the King of kings of all time- JESUS- with the ever changing musical voice of today's generation.

This Album entitled "JESUS IS ABLE" with its multi genre compositions, carries titles in R&B/HIPHOP, SOUL, AFRO-COMBIA, TECHNO/TRANCE, AFRO-PATCHA, ZOUK - WORLD.

For more information about Akubueze Music Ministry, visit us at : You may also want to check on us at : It would be lovely to have you as a friend. God bless you.
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