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Your Vision
#102 in Alternative SongVault Certified
Your Vision
Your Vision
Indie Rock
Length: 4:40
On Network Since Aug 26, 2008
Chase That Feeling
#237 in Rock SongVault Certified
Chase That Feeling
Your Vision
Rock & Roll
Length: 3:31
On Network Since May 12, 2009
Einstein's Song
#238 in Rock SongVault Certified
Einstein's Song
Your vision
Length: 3:45
On Network Since May 12, 2009
Alex Hirsch
SongVault Certified Artist Alex Hirsch

California, United States

Rock & Roll / Jam Bands

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Alex Hirsch is a musician/song-writer/producer born in 1966 in New York City. He learned to play the piano at 9 years old, while living in Reseda California. A couple of years later he found weed and the Beatles, and begged his mother for a guitar. 30 years later, Alex is still rockin' daily, collaborating with such notables as Elliot Randall, Ice-T, Too Short, Black Silver, BIONIK, Griffen and several other great talents in several musical genres. Currently he is working on his third solo record titled TIME, due out by the end of the year. He also hasover 100 free videos up on YOU TUBE, just search for Alex Hirsch and some awesome material will emerge. (We all love you tube). Alex Hirsch is the son of the legendary television (taxi), Film (Ordinary People/Independence Day) actor, Judd Hirsch who got big on the hit show TAXI which aired on ABC from 1977-1983. Alex thanks any and every-one for any support, constructive criticism, money, time, energy and other human blessings he has received throughout his crazy life. Our sincere hope is that by continuing to produce music from the heart, with real instruments played by real people, we can keep the world from fading into cosmic reality TV. If you agree with this, kindly go to and buy one of Alex's 1997 release titled "Naturally", mixed and recorded at The Monkey House in Chicago, featuring all the members from his colossal band, IMPRASIA, a brilliant 17 song collection
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