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Alexandre de Guise
Alexandre de Guise

Beverly Hills
Michigan, United States

Adult Alternative

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Alexandre de Guise
“Can’t Be In Vain”
Coming from Moscow Russia, Alexandre de Guise is internationally recognized as an innovative Virtuoso Guitarist as well as a gifted Composer and Singer-Songwriter with a tasteful and individual approach. He works in variety of genres ranging from Early music and Classics to modern Rock/Pop, Folk, Blues, Hard'n'Heavy, Neo-Classic fusion and more, and collaborated with a plenty of established artists/bands and participated in a lot of projects in Europe and UK, credits including: • Vanessa Redgrave (London, UK) • ex-Terence Trent D'Arby player Andy Whitmore (London, UK) • ex-Gorky Park singer Nickolai Noskov (Russia) • Rock House (Germany) • Black Velvet (Germany) • Advice (Germany) • Never the Bride (London, UK) • The River Crows (Scotland, UK) • The Ringer (Scotland, UK) • Lyra Celtica (Scotland, UK)...oths.
Alexandre started out as a classical musician. Having begun studying music at the age of 4, he received profound education (Music School - Academy (Degree in Piano and Guitar) – University).
In 1994 participated in a Charity Project “International Artists Against Racism”, led by British actress Vanessa Redgrave, along with some other leading musicians (Bono, Kris Kristofferson), theatre and TV stars from all over the world, visiting the cities of the former Yugoslavia (Zagreb, Belgrade, Split, Sarajevo), performing in Theatres, Concert Halls, Art Centres and Refugee camps. The visit had the full support of UNICEF.

In May of 2005 Alexandre played a Solo Concert in Red Square – right by the Kremlin, the very heart of Moscow (invited by the Government of Russia). Such an opportunity is actually an Honour that only distinguished, world-renowned Artists are usually given. Among those who have performed there lately were Paul McCartney, Elton John, Luciano Pavarotti, Dmitry Khvorostovski.
Quite recently Alexandre de Guise headlined a bigger Concert along with the legendary Jean-Luc Ponty and American bass virtuoso Steve Bailey at The Grand Sports Arena in Moscow. It was a great live event within the frame of the International Music Education Festival - MUSICFEST 2006).
Most recently Alexandre de Guise was announced The Artist of the Year 2006 on MAKATO (International Music Directory, USA).

Alexandre de Guise's New Solo Project launch is bookmarked with his having his New Solo CD "Can't Be in Vain" (Digipack Golden Limited Edition) recently successfully released in Moscow Russia (Summer of 2005) along with Live Concert DVD entitled "Live in Red Square, Moscow". It’s Alexandre’s fresh view upon contemporary Rock and Pop music and an innovative attempt to combine several music genres, while yet being oriented on the Mainstream concept. All songs on the Album were written, arranged and produced and Copyrighted by Alexandre de Guise Lamarque. Stylistically, it’s a stylish blend of melodic Adult Contemporary Art Rock and smart Pop with an influence from virtuoso Progressive Rock and a vibe of Celtic New Age. Soulful, soothing and uplifting songs. Considered to be “Cinematography-matching”. It's Alexandre's debut release in this direction. It has already received some really good International Media response and feedback and created quite a buzz in Industry circles. In Russia it’s distributed by the Major Label “SOYUZ”. International distribution is provided by the biggest Independent Label MUSEA Records (France). Worldwide available online at,,,,,,, and the rest of the affiliates. Digitally distributed online by: Apple iTunes, MSN, Sony Connect, Rhapsody, Napster).

Also, there’s an International Compilation CD entitled “Best Rock Ballads of 2005” just recently released in Moscow on the Major Russian Label “Mystery of Sound”, featuring No 1 song “Fly, My Dove, Fly” from Alexandre de Guise’s latest Album and representing Alexandre on the CD front cover, already in stores Russia-wide.
"It is the work of an interesting and exceptional musician, equally talented as a performer and composer". (The Moscow Times)
“The sound of Alexandre's productions is a beautiful blend of his voice, the words of his songs, and the instruments that all come together in a sound that epitomizes all of the various longings, emotions, and almost lonely, yet hopeful, feelings that we all have from time to time. It would be difficult for anyone to not identify some feeling, even if remote, of their own when listening to this Album.” (Laura Cochran – President of Old Miner Enterprise/Pine River Records, Nashville)
"Amazingly beautiful, deeply lyrical, soulful and romantic songs...At the same time posessing the drive and energy of contemporary Rock. The music that touches the deep of your Soul and makes it sing. A truly "commercial" stuff, in the best meaning of this word!" (Sean Rae - Radio Tay, Scotland)
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