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All Songs Fragments Of Fiction
Cold ''Radio Edit''
#287 in Alternative SongVault Certified
Cold ''Radio Edit''
Fragments Of Fiction
Indie Rock
Length: 3:56
On Network Since Nov 2, 2010
Forgotten 'Remix'
#320 in Alternative SongVault Certified
Forgotten 'Remix'
Indie Rock
Length: 4:36
On Network Since Apr 19, 2011
#21 in Alternative SongVault Auditions
Fragments Of Fiction
Indie Rock
Length: 4:54
On Network Since Dec 28, 2010
SongVault Certified Artist Alexy

Otario, Canada

Indie Rock / Singer/Songwriter

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Ottawa based singer/songwriter Alexy has been a recurring face within Ottawa. Having been a part of local acts such as Discoveries and Believers, Chasing Curiosity and more recently, his solo project, Alexy has been an up and coming face within the local Ottawa music scene. Alexy has worked with the popular music venue Mavericks and Café Dekcuf by booking shows and setting up gigs, and has been playing his own shows at venues including the Cajun Attic and Club Saw.

Alexy’s debut EP, Fragments of Fiction was released on August 23rd 2010. This EP, which combines introspective lyricism, moody guitar work, catchy song writing and expert instrumentation, is guaranteed to please both the serious music aficionado and casual listener alike. Having written the entirety of his music, Alexy offers a sound which is both unique and intensely personal.

This artistic and emotional EP is sure to reach wide audiences, while offering a refreshingly organic take to modern rock music. Alexy is backed on stage by a band of dedicated and talented musicians which has led to creative live shows with much energy and excitement that has left audiences both impressed and curious as to what shall come next.

Alexy is currently searching for avenues which will allow him to reach new fans and audiences. He has been featured on college radio and there is no doubt that air play will increase with exposure.

Possessing hard work, dedication as well as no small amount of talent, Alexy is sure to become an increasngly important face within the music industry.
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