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American Hollow
American Hollow

Salt Lake City
Utah, United States

Hard Rock / Heavy Metal

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American Hollow formed in 2001 amidst the Appalachian foothills of eastern Kentucky. The band aspires to bring a mix of progressive, metal, Drum Corps and classic rock styles together in a manner that does not easily fit into any prescribed genre. The Hollow men are currently writing their first album's worth of material, and playing as many live shows as possible in the interim.

Four members of the group met at college in Kentucky and played extensively throughout the region, building a reputation for energetic live shows and creative compositions. Over time, the members of American Hollow emigrated to Utah in search of a better music scene and a better life. In late 2008, American Hollow welcomed the addition of vocalist Jim Holman (native of Mississippi) to the group.

American Hollow is continuing its exploration of the musical horizon, with hopes of bringing their aural concoction to as many people as possible. The foundation of American Hollow has always rested on the friendship of those involved and a desire to transcend any boundary, whether external or internal.
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