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anastasiya petrova
anastasiya petrova

Oregon, United States

Indie Pop / Classic Piano

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I am a singer,songwriter,pianist. I write my own songs...Music is my passion...I play the piano,keyboards.My music is my Journey.I wrote a song..called Journey.I was born in russia,lived in ny and now in portland..Thanks for reading...e mail me with any comments or questions.

Anastasiya P. Petrova was originally born in city of Yalta, Crimea Republic.
At age of 4 she started studying music and taking music lessons. At age of 6 she was enrolled in Tchakovski Music school which she completed at age of 15 along with graduation from Yalta Gymnasium. In 16 she was enrolled in Yalta Institute of Arts majoring in accompanying. She spent 2 years in Instutute of Arts accompanying for Theater. At age of 18 Anastasiya moved to USA with her mother and started college upstate NY, which she successfully completed in 2003. After graduation Anastasiya has been teaching piano to children and adults as well as working for church as a choir director. NE Portland where she has been since November of 2006 due to move from NY to Oregon for family reasons. Anastasiya's special achievements include winning competitions, 1991 Young Composer competition in Tchakovski's Music School and 2001 Chopen Concerto competition which she performed with Rochester Philarmonic Orchestra in Roberts Wesleyan Hall.
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