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Ann Licater
Ann Licater

California, United States

Native American

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Take a meditative journey with gifted world musician Ann Licater. These beautiful, original compositions and inspired improvisations played on Native American and World flutes resonate on a deep and soulful level. Use this CD to balance body/mind/spirit, gain access to intuition and as a tool for personal discovery while meditating, journaling or creating.

The flutes used on “Following the Call” are from around the globe and seem to magically connect the listener in a meaningful and visceral way. Track #4, ANCIENT ECHOES is performed with a nose flute made of bamboo from the island of Maui. This musical tone-poem sounds like whales conversing. Track #5, SACRED MOON, is played on a Mayan ceremonial flute accompanied by a 400-year-old Tibetan metal bowl—the melody is hauntingly beautiful. Track #15, is played on a flute made of felled Redwood found within a Humboldt County forest in Northern California. Its deep voice and resonance takes the listener to another time and place. There is a lot to experience with this CD from the lilting forest-like dance on Track #8, THREE GRACES, to the deeply earthy and ambient sounds of clay flutes on Tracks # 2 and #12, NUMINOUS GATEWAY and BELOVED. Track #7, WIND AND BUTTERFLY, feels just like its title--a monarch floating through a breeze. Each of the 16 songs has its own special meaning along the journey, but the best way to listen to “Following the Call” is from beginning to end for a long, relaxing and inspirational meditation.
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