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All Songs Rise of a dynasty
Lets build a love
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Lets build a love
Rise of a dynasty
HipHop / Rap
Length: 3:56
On Network Since Dec 23, 2007
SongVault Certified Artist anubus

Michigan, United States

HipHop / Rap / Freestyle

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Carlos A.K.A. Anubus was born in 1980 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Since the age of 9 he has been studying music in R&B, beginning his career as a singer. At the age of 18 Anubus began to incorporate different types of genera’s into his music, everything from hip hop to Latin beat. Now a few years later, Anubus has sought to bring a unique blend and style of sound to the hip hop and R&B industry. “Music to me is more than just words or instrumentals; it’s an expression of ones self. Without individuality everyone would be the same”. Anubus first came on the scene in February of 2005, his first single entitled “Lets Build A Love” Sold over 250 copies in it’s first two weeks on the radio station.

Anubus has received radio play in California, and New York and is also a part time mentor to disenfranchised youths in the local area. Now Anubus has sought to make his mark in the music industry. Anubus is also known as an artist that delivers all of his music with clean lyrics, and no cursing. He has played on several underground radio stations and his fan base stretches from parts of America to Europe. ”The best way to become an artist is through dedication and hard work, nobody is gonna give it to you, just depends on how bad you wanna live the dream”
Anubus began by going to several open casting calls to discover new talent, but found out quickly that they could make him a star if he paid a fee to enroll his music. After winning several of these miscellaneous competitions with false promises, Anubus knowing that you should never have to pay a record executive to listen to their songs went back to square one and later released four singles from his up and coming debut album entitled “The Rise of a Dynasty” which is coming soon. “The Rise of a Dynasty is an album that will appeal to any type of crowd; its sound has a universal quality”
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