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Locked Onto You
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Locked Onto You
Length: 3:46
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Dippen Shawty
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SongVault Certified Artist Apakacrakers

Warner Robins
Georgia, United States

HipHop / Rap / Pop

Listen to Apakacrakers
Apakacrakers is a rap trio all coming out of Warner Robins,Ga. Starting Back
at the end of 1999..The group consist of 3 members. Jason Lowery who goes by J.L.
and is the Producer/Engineer. He also writes, and is a singer/rapper. Growing up
he was exposed to music at a young age, being the son of a musician. He always
had that little extra help always having instruments and seeing what it takes
to do what you love. The guitar was like second nature, and so came the ear for
production.Leaning to sequence and record his own music. Then in the group also
is B.J. Herren, also known as Bennie Lee. Which has been beside J.L since the start
of a group. He is also a writer and a singer/rapper.His ears are also golden
picking up the guitar and learning just by being around and having the drive to
become better. His flavor is uncanny as any when lacing a nice beat or just kickin
it with the fella and shopping his ideas.The third member of the group is Marcus
Youngclaus, who also goes by Marco Pizzi, or just Pizzi.He is a songwriter and
a rapper. He came into the group a couple years later, like 2001-2002.He bring
a nice and smooth, but raspy at the same time feel to the tracks, which helps
keep us all a little separated in how we sound. He also comes from a family
where is father is also a musician, so his ears were tuned to finding different
melodies and has a knack for the catchy. Throughout the years there has been others
that were great MC's and had a lot of influence in the development of who we
are as a group now.Alot of these guys are still doing thier thing, but have all
went and followed different paths. There Alias' are The Iotola, Felex Da Mac,
Cotton, Fitz, Kenny C, Silent P, and Jiggy Jones. All are very talented and can
be heard throughout the groups career. The name of the group has also had its
changes from Southern Empire, I.C.E., The Rec. Dept., and then finally Apakacrakers,
which has stayed around for a while now. We have had our ups and downs, but
we all 3 cant seem to let it be. Showtime as well has had its fair share of
greats and not so great. Which all bands, or groups have the same issues.. Definetly
love the hometown shows where friends show up and show alot of support and the place
is jumping. But the out of town shown are always an iffy. You may be doing a show
for 10 people or you might show up and the place is packed and cant wait for you to
perform. Them are the night you remember. Its then that you remember why all the hard
work is worth it, and it pushes you to try just that much more. Its right then
that makes everything you been doing, worth doing. Up to date we have probably
done 150 shows give or take a couple. We have been a "HONORABLE MENTION" in 2001
"RUNNER UP" and "FINALIST" in 2003, in the John Lennon Songwriting Competition.
We also won the Battle of the groups in Macon,Ga 2 times in 2001, which was called
"CROWD HYPERS" We look to doin a lot more shows now in 2009 and 2010. Looking to get
recognition any means possible, whether Radio, Internet, Magazines, and Newspapers.
What we have learned about the music business is that you have to be your main
priority. You have always heard that you cant count your friends on one hand. In this
business you dont need a hand. Alot of people are out for themselves and you have to
pay close attention to the people that you are dealing with, or building any type
of business relationship. You have to work hard and pave your own way. It is the
survival of the fittest.You have to keep moving, never give up and know that your
dreams are withing your reach, and hope is always a plus to have on your side.
In Hip-Hop terms....GRIND HARD!!!
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