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Arizki Efendi
Arizki Efendi

Alabama, Argentina


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Creditur - Kinds of Insurance in Indonesia

Creditur - General insurance is a protection that is used to deal with loss or loss of benefits and legal liability to third parties. For the guarantees that are owned by this general insurance is short-term, 2 types of general insurance are also included. - This insurance is voluntary. In this insurance is usually also divided into 2 types, namely insurance run by the government and insurance that is intended to provide protection to a person or family and company from the risk of unexpected events.

Creditur - As for this insurance is actually mandatory for every community in Indonesia because it has the purpose of being old age insurance. For payments made for this premium, it has been regulated, meaning that the payment is compulsory, one example is deducting the monthly income or salary of a worker every month for this social security.
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