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Arvell Bates
Arvell Bates

Illinois, United States

HipHop / Rap / Urban

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ALB does not just produces music, we produced artist that are ready to take the music industry by storm with talent, marketability, and charismatic performances.

And Now ALB Productions Proudly Presents…
Da Family
ALB Productions is the music Industry's best kept secret, Arvell “VMAN” Bates has musical undertones of Dr. Dre, Timberland, Kanye West, and of course, his own individual style. He creates the true definition of what a true Midwest, Chicago sound is: RAW, HARD HITTING TALENT WITH AN EAST COAST, WEST COAST, and DIRTY SOUTH SOUND MIXED IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vman has the tracks that will make his presence known in the industry. Along with the artists he works with exclusively, the chemistry is priceless; and they Bring a mirage of music with their various concepts. This talented brother and these artist are bound for success!

Emaji’na the first lady ALB is innovative in singing and making you groove to concepts and topics like: Unfaithfulness, Stepping Music, Up-tempo, and love songs.

T-Love, she’s new to Da Family but true to the game. She’s a soulful singer/song writer whose music speaks of dedication, realism, and love where metaphors come first and convention goes to the back. A very versatile artist who has a lot to give.

VMAN and DA FAMILY are too universal to be put in a box...
The CD, “Street Life…Nite Moves” has something for everybody. It’s bringing you Underground, Hip Hop, Contemporary Gospel, and R&B with a splash of Chi-Town flavor. ALB Productions and these new Unsigned Artists are bringing the heat.
Don't sleep on this brother and Da Family...
They’re DIAMONDS waiting to BE FOUND!!! A MUST HEAR!!!

Contact Info:
ALB Productions Attn: Arvell Bates
4951 W. Fulton Chicago, Illinois 60644
Telephone (773) 797-1027
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