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Arwen aka ArStar
Arwen aka ArStar

New Jersey, United States

Pop / Singer/Songwriter

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Born December 3, 1988, Arwen Evenstar Dewar is and has always been a natural performer.
Arwen is not only a singer of Pop, Rock, Opera and Hip Hop, but she dances to Jazz, Hip Hop, Ballet and Point. In additional, she also plays both the guitar and the piano.
Throughout Arwen’s musical career, she has had extensive musical training. She has studied music and took music classes during her high school and college career, which included chorus, select choir, singing and song writing.

horus Line, Val, Produced by Darlene Wilson, Broadway Dance Arts, 2006
Concerts and Performances at Suffern High School, Suffern, New York 2002-2006
Regularly Sang National Anthem at Suffern High School Sports Events, 2002-2006
Sang at Wicky’s Bar and Restaurant, Suffern, New York, Opening Act 2004
Concerts and Performances at Ramapo College, Mahwah, New Jersey 1995-2003
Bye Bye Birdie, Rosie, Suffern High School, Suffern, New York 2002 · Sacred Heart Players, Suffern, New York 1996-200
Greece, Rizzo, Produced by Coupe, Nanuet, New York 2001

oice Lessons with Rosemary Loar, N.Y.C., New York, 2004-Present
Guitar Training with Joe Diangilis, Mahwah, New Jersey
Voice and Singing Training at Ramapo College with Olga Dayachovaskaya, 1995-200
Dance Training at Coupe, Nanuet, New York 1990-2002
Dance Training at Broadway Dance Center, N.Y.C., New York, 1990-200
Regularly Performs at Open Mic Nights around New Jersey and New York 2007 to current

Arwen has sacrificed many things in her life to pursue a career as an artist and there is nothing she wouldn’t do to continue the journey of achieving her dreams of becoming the next hottest pop rock star around. She has the voice, the image, the ambition and most importantly, the talent. While her greatest musical influences include artist such as Christina Aguilera, Kelly Clarkson and Gwen Stefani, Arwen Evenstar Dewar’s musical style brings something completely different to the table that is yet to be seen.
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