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Song of My Father (William)
#21 in Easy Listening SongVault Finals
Song of My Father (William)
What Time will Tell
Easy Listening
Length: 4:34
On Network Since Jul 30, 2009
Inspirational Feeling
#22 in Easy Listening SongVault Finals
Inspirational Feeling
Into the Distant Narrowing
Easy Listening
Length: 2:34
On Network Since Aug 3, 2009

inbetween Stratford & Goderich
Ontario, Canada

Indie Pop / Easy Listening

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Rick was born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. His musical influence was borne of growing up in a home filled with his fathers music. His father (now 73) is still an accomplished musician who just hooked-up with a new group in January.

“Watching him play inspired me then to learn, and inspires me today to write and compose”.

Rick has wrote a song dedicated to his father’s musical life called:
Song of my Father - William.

Some of Rick’s songs were inspired from current events.

Such songs include:

Off My Shoes, Too Many Mishaps, How Many Last Straws, Never Look Away,
What Time will Tell, Kill the Corrupt, Pile it High,
& See Your Past

Other songs have a more personal connection such as:

Inspirational Feeling, Tribute to Jim Morrison, We’d Smile Again, Then Your Eyes met Mine,
Hope for Love, Lightening Struck (for Sally), Looking Back over Time, & Why Have I Waited.

Rick began creatively writing after the tragic death of his cousin Grant on XMAS Day ’05. The song Like you Mean It (for Grant) can be found at:

He chooses not to post cover songs as he feels original tunes speak volumes about the artist and his craft.

All songs posted are exclusively Rick’s work.

Comments, Reviews and Insults will be tolerated !
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