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Aura Furnishings
Aura Furnishings

Utah, India

Industrial / Modern Rock

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Aura Furnishings is a manufacturer and wholesale retailer of high-end furniture and furnishings. It is one of the excellent furniture shops in Noida that provides a broad range of goods, creative and ergonomic designs, and eco-friendly furniture. Since our establishment in 2007, we have focused on primary priorities, such as quality, affordability, durability, and novation. Thus, through these principles, we have gained customer trust and have become one of the best furnishing shops in Noida.

Aura Furnishings has been a standard-bearer in designing and styling furniture and furnishings that are unique, innovative, and adaptable to new trends. Therefore, we consistently introduce trendy furnishings and furniture to stay on top of modern fashion. Plus, we are specialists in custom-made furniture. Our state-of-the-art workshop and skilled craftsmen can create unique designs with quality finishes.
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