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A straightforward and open source program called auto clicker enables players to enjoy their games without any difficulty. Users of auto clickers can use the modes in two different ways. You can customise the software memory and choose a pre-selected location. This will enable you to set the mouse pointer exactly where you want the auto-click to occur.

Gamers that use auto clicker op can select the maximum number of clicks. Using this free auto clicker application, you are free to click the mouse an endless amount of times. The users can also select the mouse button's pause time. Users of OP Auto Clicker can choose between a single, double, or triple click while the mouse is automatically making one.

Do users frequently worry about the safety of OP Auto Clickers? Naturally, the answer is yes; it is secure and won't compromise your system or privacy. It has a built-in hotkey option. By pressing the F6 button, which is set as the default start button, it may be launched with ease and runs smoothly in the background.
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