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All Songs Sleeping By A Wire
Time Will Come Over You
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Time Will Come Over You
Sleeping By A Wire
Length: 3:59
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Big Fish
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Big Fish
Sleeping By A Wire
Length: 3:46
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Bryan Eich
SongVault Certified Artist Bryan Eich

New York
New York, United States


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"Eich brings so much authenticity to his lyrics. He yearns and excites when the music dictates. Case in point, after he nearly gives up on everything with the line, ďBut thatís the way it goes,Ē I half expected the record to end. Each song is written and performed with so much heart; this must have been an exhausting record to pen." -

Bryan Eich, born in Queens, NY

After grabbing a guitar at the age of thirteen, Bryan has since poured his energies into a wide variety of material inspired by bands such as Oasis, Coldplay, Radiohead, The Beatles and Travis to name a few. With infectious enthusiasm evident in his tracks, Bryan is now putting out his best work in his debut album titled "Sleeping By A Wire", recorded in Brooklyn, NY. The album captures many different sides of Bryan's songwriting, but all songs hold the same atmosphere that his music gives to the listener, an honest voice and sound. Bryan has worked with A&R Capitol Records music man Loren Israel (Plain White T's, Jimmy Eat World) on the craft of songwriting alone and always pushes to challenge himself when writing new material.

The Ĺ British Ĺ Israeli singer songwriter can currently be found in New York. Drop him a line and say hello. In a competitive and commercial world, Bryan quite happily keeps his feet on the ground, taking huge amounts of pleasure with keeping things real. A quality he holds just as close to his heart as his musical creativity.

"Bryan Eich, whose debut, Sleeping By a Wire, just landed at CD Baby. Itís so new it hasnít even hit iTunes yet, but even if you normally prefer downloading to buying silver platters, you may want to make an exception in this case. The albumís that good. I, for instance, am not generally a fan of Britpop ó deliciously hooky or otherwise ó but Iím powerless against Wireís charms. And my stereo? She wants to have Bryan Eichís babies" - Jeff Giles, music reviewer

"Within the first listen of each of his tracks, I realised Iíd enjoy more. Polished, well produced tracks with depth and scope, each Iíve heard so far are melodic with obvious thought, care and an attention to detail that comes from the passion of oneís craft." - Wayne Blackhurst - writer/illustrator from UK
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