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Me, Myself, and I
#711 in Pop SongVault Certified
Me, Myself, and I
After Autumn
Indie Pop
Length: 4:42
On Network Since May 3, 2007
Casey Frazier
SongVault Certified Artist Casey Frazier

Colorado, United States

Indie Pop / Indie Rock

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Upon discovering country music at the age of 3, Casey Frazier has thrown himself headfirst into music. Playing drums since he could hold the sticks, and guitar soon after that, teaching himself multiple instruments along the way. In 2003, Casey moved to Nashville to help further his musical ambitions, which led to many open doors and experiences. When he returned to Colorado after realizing that his direction was not of Nashville standards, he cut his first record, "Nothing The Same". Casey moved back to Nashville in '05, where he worked closely with producer Eric Gallimore. He recorded another 3 song E.P. which would lead him deeper into studios across the country, and provoke many more ideas. In early 2006, Casey began working with producer Billy Smiley on his first LP and acoustic EP. By September, Billy and Casey had produced "After Autumn". Casey spent the remainder of 2006, and the beginning of 2007 promoting "After Autumn", before moving to Monterey, California where he produced and played for many other artist, as well as taking the summer to submerge himself into writing. At the beginning of October 2007, he once again relocated to Seattle, WA, and is in the process of recording, and producing his next record. "I am intrigued by songwriting", Casey says, "Some people write stories or paint pictures as a way of expressing emotion. The important thing is, that they are trying to bring something to life. Otherwise, we've all suffered for no reason."
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