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Party on the Last Iceberg
#194 in Alternative SongVault Certified
Party on the Last Iceberg
Adult Alternative
Length: 3:51
On Network Since Sep 26, 2008
Chris Blake
SongVault Certified Artist Chris Blake

Los Angeles
California, United States

Adult Alternative / Singer/Songwriter

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95.5 KLOS-FM Battle of the Fans finalist Chris Blake writes moody, "socially conscious" alternative pop/rock songs about relationships, the environment and life.

He's been featured on VH1's Best Week Ever, BoingBoing, GigaOm, Cosmopolitan, ShinyShiny and hundreds of other blogs and sites around the world...

"DEEPLY profound." – VH1’s Best Week Ever

"His vocals are very soothing and a pleasure to listen to... Beautiful." – TheCelebrityCafe

"Look for Chris to go places. He’s setting himself up to explode." – 1340 KWLE-AM, Anacortes

"Hearing the songs on his second CD... They're familiar to memory, new to the ear, and most welcome in their melancholy reverie." – Wildy's World

"Great album. Listened to it several times. Very, very good. Very good." – Al Bowman, L.A. Music Awards

"This is really great." – 103.5 KISS-FM, Chicago

"He is gaining fans right and left... Heating up the blogosphere." – Indie Update

"Sad, funny, emotional, heartfelt, and above all, human." – TVadio

"Truly great and profound." – Hot 103.1-FM, Winnipeg

"Everyone gushed." – Music Connection

"Do yourself a favor and give it spin." – MyRecordJournal

"I have this CD and I love it... People do part ways with their money, but only if the products don't suck." – As Suanie Sees It

"One excellent piece of work." - Dreams & Sugar

"Ingenious." – WMGQ-FM

"Chris Blake… Anthemic rocker and melodrama junkie." – Flavorpill

"Cool video, good song, and a clever idea." – Chez Pazienza, Deus Ex Malcontent and formerly of CNN

"We'd be remiss if we didn't add to the fist bumps for musician Chris Blake… Can't beat a little netsourced emotion." – Urlesque

"This is brilliant." – Relaxed Focus

"I've not heard your songs before, but visited your MySpace page and loved them!" - iMommies

Stubborn in its moodiness but unshakably melodic, Chris Blake’s new album WAVE spans many genres of popular music—from country and progressive rock to folksy hip hop and 80s/90s pop. Each song retains a familiar feel, adding to the album’s overall sense of yearning and powerlessness.

Blake has played some of the most storied clubs in Los Angeles and New York, including Whisky A Go Go, Coconut Teazer, Molly Malone’s, Cafe Figaro, Cafe Sine...
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