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#470 in Christian SongVault Certified
My Desire
Praise / Worship
Length: 4:20
On Network Since Dec 3, 2013
Danielle Renee
SongVault Certified Artist Danielle Renee

CA, United States

Praise / Worship / Christian

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Danielle began her career in ministry as a fulltime member of the ‘Ron Kenoly Praise Team’ (2003). Since then she has led worship in over twenty countries worldwide, Danielle has been featured on numerous albums across widely different genres and recorded with artists such as Dove Award winner Dr. Ron Kenoly (2005) and Stellar Award nominees Bingo (2005) and Izzy (2006). As a writer she has been blessed to have several published songs including “What Are We Gonna Do?” and “Yes I Will” from the Stellar Award nominated album ‘H.O.G. Life’ by recording artist Bingo (2005). Danielle Renee continues to dedicates her life to encouraging others to connect with the one true God.
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