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Goodbye Jupiter
#208 in Alternative SongVault Certified
Goodbye Jupiter
Modern Rock
Length: 3:49
On Network Since Feb 7, 2009
Derek Jordan
SongVault Certified Artist Derek Jordan

California, United States

Modern Rock / Alternative

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PsychAlternative Rock music that exploits your comfort zone...

This music is not for you if:
1. You are a Teenybopper
2. You watch the show Gossip Girl or Bromance
3. You don't have a personality

This music is for you if:
1. You have a mind of you own
2. You follow your passions
3. You fight for what you believe in

Derek Jordan is a singer & guitarist in Hollywood, CA. His songs have a lot to do with human psychology, ranging from the pursuit of significance to the most primal human instincts.

Born and raised in the Steel City, Pittsburgh, PA, where classic rock is king, Derek built his guitar chops studying his favorite blues rock players Jimmy Page and Eric Clapton. He began playing bars at 15. He had no style, he had no stage moves, he only knew how to play.

In 2004, Derek moved to Chicago. Facing the pressures of social conformity and family expectations, Derek half-heartedly decided to study marketing and real estate at DePaul University. He hated it, especially during the last semester. While his fellow graduates were interviewing for potential jobs left and right, he was enduring inner turmoil as he felt himself being pulled further and further away from his passion for music.

Thanks to his early maturity and efficient habits, Derek was well prepared to face this stage in his life. He added singing to his repetoire, wrote countless songs, and became an advid believer in self-development.

As soon as college finished, Derek bolted out to Los Angeles, CA with a good friend of his. After an initial rock band stint, Derek took on a solo career. His very first full-length album, "Identity", is due out February 2009. It is completely self-financed and fully exudes his musical flavors. He is more inspired with music than ever before.

With his strong interest in the human mind, why it thinks what it thinks and craves what it craves, Derek focuses much of his song writing on social psychology, internal conflict, external valor, and discovering your true identity by digging deep in to your mind and its most primal desires.
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