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All Songs Unravel + Dissolve
#103 in Folk SongVault Certified
Unravel + Dissolve
New Acoustic
Length: 1:15
On Network Since Aug 1, 2008
Derrick Mendonca
SongVault Certified Artist Derrick Mendonca

Arizona, United States

New Acoustic / Folk Rock

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Derrick Mendonca is an acoustic guitarist out of Mesa, AZ. He has been playing guitar and writing songs for over 10 years. Starting with choir classes in high school, along with a steady diet of Heavy Metal, and playing front man in a metal band for a few years, Derrick's love for passionate and emotional music was sparked. After a few years, Derrick's tastes softened, and his growing love for The Beatles organically caused his musical compositions follow suit. Eventually, he would quit the Metal band, and go acoustic. But given his musical background, and his need to write emotional pieces that are fiercely introspective, most of his pieces come off as being much darker than the usual acoustic performer. Whether it is a song about his battle with severe anxiety, or his reluctance to pay the price required in order to be recognized worldwide for his music and his message, every song is a window into Derrick's soul.
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