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Flamenco Salsa
#28 in Latin SongVault Certified
Flamenco Salsa
Flamenco Salsa
Length: 5:52
On Network Since Jul 29, 2008
#29 in Latin SongVault Certified
Flamenco Salsa
Length: 5:49
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Summer's Lullaby
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Summer's Lullaby
Flamenco Salsa
Length: 4:38
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Drew Diego Bennett
SongVault Certified Artist Drew Diego Bennett

Arizona, United States

Latin / Worldbeat

Listen to Drew Diego Bennett
Drew Diego Bennett is an International performing Grammy® entry Nuevo Flamenco
Guitarist, renowned Native American/Taoist World Flautist, recording artist, Film score
composer and Multi Instrumentalist.

Drew began Classical/Flamenco guitar lessons at age seven and studied from a
graduate of Richard Pick Classical Guitar instruction from Chicago University. Drew also
took private guitar lessons in Jazz guitar, music theory and progressive styles under
guitar instructor T.J. Helmerich (Innovator of eight finger guitar technique) now with the Guitar Institute of Technology at The Music Institute in Los Angeles California.

Drew became skilled on the guitar and studied rigorously from 1979 - 1987. He then
toured professionally for many years with several music groups throughout the United States. Shortly thereafter Drew began his modeling career and worked in various advertisement publications.

Drew is part Native American (Tsalagi) Cherokee as well as Baltic Russian,
Italian and Dutch. His ethnic blend is a direct influence to his ability to play instruments
from around the world. Other instruments Drew performs on are the Native American Flute, Chinese Hammer Dulcimer, Mandola, Bouzouki, Harp Guitar, bass guitar, keyboards, various world flutes and percussion instruments.

"It is a gift from my heritage" states Drew. "I've been called Free Spirit", and "Old Soul" by many since my childhood."

Drew’s current discography includes his international Native American Flute release, Tribal Awakening, Grammy® entered Flamenco Salsa, Caribbean Remix, Guitarra Del Sol, and Pasion Y Rosas.

Drew Diego Bennett's first International CD release entitled, 'Tribal Awakening' is a
musical work reflecting Drew's spiritual energy and his gift to the world. It is a
meditation/Native American Flute arrangement which encompasses the Native
American Spirit as well as Asian influence, with acoustic guitar, tribal drumming and
Latin Percussion. An uplifting meditation, playful CD also consisting of Hemi Sync
technology and Chakra work. (Published by Kokopelli Records LLC & Drew Bennett
Publishing, in 2005).

Drew's Grammy® entry release is 'Flamenco Salsa'. This CD is an evocative
Spanish-Nuevo Flamenco Guitar compilation with pieces consisting of Spanish,
Brazilian, (Salsa), Cuban, Mediterranean, and Rumba influences as well as Romantic
Smooth Jazz ballads.

His third release, ‘Caribbean Remix’ is a more intimate remix of the songs previously released on ‘Flamenco Salsa.’ Drew removed the drums and keyboards and kept the Latin
Percussion. The Flamenco Guitar Tracks were also re-recorded as well as the Bass
tracks with a more ethnic Salsa-Caribbean style. The music contains the same
evocative Spanish-Nuevo Flamenco Guitar styles consisting of Spanish, Brazilian,
(Salsa), Cuban, Mediterranean, and Rumba influences as well as Romantic Smooth
Jazz ballads.

Drew's fouth CD "Guitarra del Sol" Is a lively Salsa style Flamenco Guitar CD with influences from around the globe. With Caribbean dance rhythms and traditional Flamenco Spanish passion, with blends of lively Rumba's, and Drew's creation of Mediterranean Salsa's. The remake of “Malaguena” is out of this World. The song entitled, “Desire” also stimulates Turkish/Middle Eastern dance. An amazing CD with commanding robust ingredients.

Drew's latest CD entitled 'Pasion Y Rosas" Drew brings special guest Sherry on Finzer flute and blends Turkish and Moorish syncopated rhythms with beautiful western melodic statements. His beautiful ballad, “My Heart to you”, brings lovers to a bed of roses in a fresh summer meadow. Breath Taking! This Amazing CD boasts traditional influences of Spain, Caribbean salsa's, Rumbas, Turkish and Mediterranean grooves.

"My greatest passion is bringing gifted music to the World. Music is the universal
language that brings a smile to the face and warmth to the heart." Drew Diego Bennett
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