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Nobody Knows
Adult Alternative
Length: 3:14
On Network Since Mar 29, 2009
Elder Roche
SongVault Certified Artist Elder Roche

Dublin, Ireland

Singer/Songwriter / Adult Contemporary

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Single “Diamond” on iTunes April 24th
Taken from his forthcoming album NOBODY KNOWS..... .. ..
Experimenting with music from the early age of eleven, this
Dublin based musical poet has shared the stage with many of
Ireland’s well known’s: Paddy Casey, Damien Rice, Juno Falls,
Juliette Turner and Damien Dempsey. He is no stranger to the
press or radio, having The News of The World declare that his
“manly vocals and powerful storytelling songs bring to mind the
genius of Leonard Cohen and Neil Diamond.” RTE 2FM claims that there is “something
spiritual about ELDER’s songs” and PHANTOM FM describe him as “truly talented and
The past few years have seen ELDER grow and establish himself as an entertaining and
riveting performer- not to mention a solemn musician who remains true to the very elements
that preserves the original with the new. He was authenticated the old fashioned way, by
paying his dues and touring the world over, playing in venues across the world (America and
Europe) and indeed in Ireland such as The Lobby in Cork and The Glebe Amphitheatre in
West Cork to the humble surroundings of his home town of Dublin in Whelan's, The Sugar
Club and Lillie's Bordello to name a handful. He is now set to release his Single DIAMOND
taken from his debut NOBODY KNOWS.
Embracing the grittier side of life and paving the way with slapping grooves and roots
overtones. Elder’s theatrical story telling has likened him to Tom Waits, Nick Cave and
David Bowie. (Who can argue with them comparisons). His upcoming single is set in a
similar tone of the more recent highly acclaimed song Grounds for Divorce by ELBOW, in
that DIAMOND, contains catchy progressions and is every bit the way to go in etching his
own space within the songs that fuse the current music scene. It is said that those born under
the Elder sign are able to live and prosper under any conditions. The year ahead for ELDER
ROCHE will see this talented songwriter receive the acclaim this album simply demands.
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