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I Wanna Salsa
#5 in Easy Listening SongVault Showcase
I Wanna Salsa
Easy Listening
Length: 3:30
On Network Since Jun 5, 2011
Magic of the Night
#6 in Easy Listening SongVault Showcase
Magic of the Night
Easy Listening
Length: 4:38
On Network Since Jun 5, 2011
Hello Sweetness
#7 in Easy Listening SongVault Showcase
Hello Sweetness
Easy Listening
Length: 4:45
On Network Since Jun 5, 2011
Frankie M.
Frankie M.

New Jersey, United States

Easy Listening / Adult Contemporary

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Frankie M.
Frankie M. has performed in many night clubs and cabarets during his long career. He started singing at the age of ten and by the time he was in High School, he had released his first record on Clarity Records. He also recorded under contract with, Winley Records, New York City and Clifton Records, Clifton New Jersey. He is currently under contract with Delorr Productions.
New York Appearances: (To name but a few)
� Don K Reed Show on WCBS FM New York City
� Dangerfield�s, New York City
� Pip's in Brooklyn, New York
� Catch A Rising Star, New York City
Frankie M has performed on stage and worked in the studio with such artists as:
� Rodney Dangerfield
� Andy Kaufman
� Joey Vann (Lead Singer of The Duprees)
� Nick Massi of the Four Seasons
Frankie M. is also the lead singer of the vocal group Harborside. The group has been nominated several times for U.G.H.A. ( UNITED GROUP HARMONY ASSOCIATION ) Vocal Group of The Year and has also appeared in the vocal music magazine, (Harmony Times). Frankie M. and Harborside have performed in concert with such groups as, The Skyliners, The Velours, The Dubs, The Duprees, The Del-Vikings, Larry Chance And The Earls, The Drifters and many other legendary vocal groups

Recording Credits Include:
� Gloria - Single on Clarity Records
� Solitaire - Single on Clifton Records
� Baby, Baby - Single on Winley Records
� HARBORSIDE Sings - Album on Clifton Records
� Frankie M. & Harborside - Album CD on Delorr Records
� Frankie M. Always - Album CD on Delorr Records
� I�m A Wreck, I�m A Wreck � Single on Delorr Records
� If I Ruled The World � Title Track Album CD on Delorr Records
� Performed Jingle for Broadway Bank
� Performed Jingle for Lowes Theaters
� Performed title song for "Those Happy Years" A Children's Documentary
� Wrote, produced and performed the opening theme for the Philadelphia radio show �Solid Gold Saturday Night" with TC & Flamingo Al on WRSD FM.
� Wrote, produced and performed The Lover's Portion Theme for WRSD FM Radio in Philadelphia.
� Wrote, produced and performed Theme for the Flamingo Al Radio Show in Philadelphia.
� Wrote, produced and performed "I'm Going Home" A theme song for a Documentary on Hospices.
� "Live At Bahrs" - Sherilyn & Frankie M. � Album CD on Delorr Records.

The Way You Look Tonight - Special Edition by Frankie M. & Julian Hernandez - Single on Delorr Records.

Fan�s Reviews of Frankie M. Songs


Author: Ellen
When I received Frankie M's "ALWAYS" CD I played it over and over again. Couldn't get enough of it. Was not able to pick a favorite song for each and every song is fantastic. The lyrics and vocals are superb! whether you are male or female you will thoroughly enjoy Frankie M's cd "ALWAYS" I highly recommend you either buy it for yourself or put it on your gift/wish list. You will be glad you did.

It's a Heart Melter!!

Author: Donna
"Always" from Frankie M. is an amazing, emotion-charged album! He has re-defined romance with this lyrical work of art. Frankie says right on the cover, that the songs are a humble gift to his fans, when in fact it is us who has received an beautiful, insightful look into the mind and heart of an extremely talented artist. My favorite song on the album is titled "Hello Sweetness". Your heart sighs, and your imagination works double time, imagining your sweetheart calling you and telling you that you're on his mind right before he goes to sleep. I dare any woman to listen to this CD and not feel your heart melt, your knees go weak, while thinking of being in your loved one's arms. I highly recommend this album to everyone!

Fan�s Reviews of Frankie M. Songs


Author: Ellen
Frankie M's song I'm a Wreck, I'm a Wreck is a joy to listen to. The lyrics are sweet that gives a heartwarming story of someone who is anxious to meet his love but yet shy to confront her. As always Frankie M's vocals are excellent. He is truly a talented artist who is a gift to the world of music. I highly recommend Frankie M's new song �I�m a Wreck, I'm a Wreck"


Author: Ellen
If I Ruled the World from Frankie M is a song that will captivate you with its inspiring lyrics. This wonderful song is accompanied with a smooth melody along with the outstanding voice of Frankie M that you are sure to enjoy. I highly recommend!
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