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All Songs Between Sometimes and Never Walking Without Shadows
#385 in Alternative SongVault Certified
Between Sometimes and Never
Length: 3:55
On Network Since Nov 16, 2012
Where the Truth Divides
#386 in Alternative SongVault Certified
Where the Truth Divides
Between Sometimes and Never
Length: 3:39
On Network Since Nov 16, 2012
Stray Light Fades
#387 in Alternative SongVault Certified
Stray Light Fades
Walking Without Shadows
Length: 4:45
On Network Since Nov 16, 2012
Ghosts on Film
SongVault Certified Artist Ghosts on Film

Texas, United States

Post-Punk / Indie Rock

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“Ghosts on Film” is a unique band that manages to sound familiar yet wholly
original at the same time. Initially there was an idea. It really shouldn’t have
worked. A blending of four different influences no one expected would mesh
as well as they did. The three members (with occasional help from talented
friends) would work to find a way to bring the elements of music they each
loved together in harmony. Fusing Electronica, Metal and Post Punk with a
touch of Shoegaze seemed nearly impossible, until it worked. Ghosts on Film
is a Houston based band creating atmospheric music that has been
described as cinematic or scenic in nature. Layered guitar textures blanket
understated vocals supported by the solid rhythms of drums and bass.
Filtering in and out of this mix are creative and perfectly timed electronic
elements. The results are striking. The music is powerful and emotive in a
way that few self produced bands ever achieve.
The band is comprised of three members Jason Carroll (guitar and vocals),
Andrew Espinosa (programming, keyboards and guitar) and David Young
(bass, guitar and vocals). They have been friends for quite some time and
have spent time in different bands and musical projects over the years
(sometimes together) but they have never been able to find the right fit until
coming together as Ghosts on Film. The band grew from initial ideas in 2009
to a fully realized sound in 2011 with the release of their debut E.P. “Walking
Without Shadows” on Systaine Records. The band will release their first full
length offering in December of 2012 titled Between Sometimes and Never.
Systaine Records
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