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SongVault Certified Artist GrimWitcH

North Carolina, United States

Industrial / Industrial Metal

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Horror movies, ghost stories, graveyards, things that go bump in the night, such dark delicacies are the influences of many artists under the industrial umbrella. With its founding member also being the founder of P.R.E.T. (Paranormal Research of East Tennessee), GrimWitch brings a whole new level of credibility to songs about horror and the unknown. The music of GrimWitcH is a chilling showcase displaying ten years of creativity in exploring the shadowy corners of the collective human imagination.

GrimWitch is the brain child of Randy Stockton, hailing from Elizabethton, Tennessee and currently living in Marion, North Carolina. Randy is a twenty-year veteran of various projects, including Reel Sound of Music (Music for Film Licensing) and the DJ MARTZ Freefall album featuring Randy's 3rd place Freefall remix. He has a total of fourteen albums to his credit. Combining the industrial-dance style of Lords of Acid and Nine Inch Nails with guitars influenced by such artists as Rob Zombie/White Zombie and Korn, GrimWitch has created a niche that has earned a generous amount of praise from online fans. Though GrimWitch spends most of its time in the studio, the project graces the stage periodically for special events, especially Halloween. In addition to regular releases (both on CD and on the web), GrimWitch frequently records collaborations with other artists. With modesty, Randy says about his collaborations, %u201CI know some of them will be signed and go big time in the future, and it just blows my mind to think I may have been a small part of that.%u201D

Currently, GrimWitch's plans include getting music placement into films. According to Randy: If I can do that, then I think that will be the moment I'll feel I've done something with my life. Kind of like even after I'm gone from this earth, my music will keep my spirit alive, and I'll not be forgotten. Credit this state of mind to his life as an independent musician or his continued interest in paranormal research (or both), but it is the driving force that keeps GrimWitch on the path of creating dark music for like-minded entities in this plane of existence and beyond.

- January 2009
Bio written by Joseph VanBuren
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