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Take This
#260 in Alternative SongVault Certified
Take This
Modern Rock
Length: 3:09
On Network Since Jun 15, 2010
A Love I Can't Embrace
#261 in Alternative SongVault Certified
A Love I Can't Embrace
Length: 4:03
On Network Since Jun 15, 2010
Ivy Mic
SongVault Certified Artist Ivy Mic

Arizona, United States

Modern Rock / Alternative

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Ivy Mic - "Weapons of mass communication" compose and perform
from the soul and attempt to recreate the messages and sounds from the
other side within this realm. Musical influences are vast ranging from
classic rock bands such as Pink Floyd to electronic pop/rock pioneers
like Depeche Mode and U2 and merging with edgier hard rock/alternative
artists such as Nine Inch Nails and Faith No More. All recording and
production is handled chiefly by band founder and lead singer Tyler Ayers
with collaborative guitar engineering efforts from guitarist Andy Schulz,
and composition collaboration with guitarist Jacob Moser.

Tyler has recently started his own record label Ayers Music Publishing Co.
(AMP) under which all Ivy Mic albums will be released. Ayers is currently
producing two other artists, and is constantly on the lookout for talented
musicians to add to the roster.

The "Redemption" album is the band's debut release with two immediate
follow-up albums rounding out a trilogy that encompasses a Body,
Mind and Soul experience. The material covers the myriad of emotions and
experiences we've all shared over the past decade and hints at the
future where a major 4th album is planned batting clean up and paving
the way for what we hope to be a long career of making music.

On a shorter note, we just want to make the best music possible at any
given point in time for our fans.

Ivy Mic plans to tour in support of the trilogy beginning fall of 2010.
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