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All Songs Future Perfect imaginary line Rare October
Don't make me cry
#104 in Folk SongVault Certified
Don't make me cry
Future Perfect
Alternative Folk
Length: 4:57
On Network Since Sep 5, 2008
#105 in Folk SongVault Certified
imaginary line
Alternative Folk
Length: 4:27
On Network Since Sep 5, 2008
#295 in Folk SongVault Certified
Rare October
Alternative Folk
Length: 3:43
On Network Since Sep 5, 2008
jill knight
SongVault Certified Artist jill knight

California, United States

Alternative Folk / Adult Contemporary

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Jill Knight's soulful sound is unmistakable. India Arie once quoted, "I love great voices and when I heard Jill sing it stopped me in my tracks." She later asked Knight to be her opening act. Just nominated for the LA music awards “best female vocalist”, A finalist at the Telluride Troubadour competition, a finalist at the National Academy of Songwriters "songwriter of the year" competition, a finalist in Billboard magazines, "best unsigned band" contest, a regional best seller in Album Network magazine for her cd Future Perfect, best DIY albums in Performing Songwriter Magazine, Honorable mention NSAI songwriting competition, Finalist in the Acoustic Live songwriter competition. Jill has toured and shared stages with... India Arie, Shawn Colvin, David Wilcox, Michael Hedges, Phoebe Snow, Richard Thompson, Little Feat, and many others.
"Its hard to say which is better-the song or the way Jill Knight sings it." Performing Songwriter Magazine.
"Few songwriters seem to have the self-assurance that this singer possesses...Knight approaches her music with an unadorned intensity, her songs pack an emotional punch rich in the details of everyday experiences... this is first rate, high quality music" Dirty Linen.
"With a voice that crests and tumbles like a waterfall, Knight is as elemental as the wind." Sacramento News and Reviews
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