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Well You Needn't
#94 in Jazz SongVault Certified
Well You Needn't
WEGL Sessions
Length: 2:59
On Network Since Jul 14, 2008
SongVault Certified Artist Jimbobwe

Alabama, United States

Jam Bands / Psychedelic

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Jimbobwe is a high-energy band from Auburn, Al that fuses their jazz roots with jam band influences. Known for their dance-inducing sound, intense improvisation, and unique blend of styles, Jimbobwe is quickly rising to the top of the local music scene. With the technical skills of a jazz band and the rhythmic grooves of a funk band, Jimbobwe is a band for the body and mind. Although a very young band, their compositions have the sound of experience, and the potential for continued growth. Their large fan base, that has proven to be very passionate and loyal, has coined the band’s sound as a “Funkadelicasy.” Jimbobwe consists of Rob Cochran on bass/vocals, Taylor Pierce on guitar, Blake Catrair ..s/synth/vocals, and Justin Fulton on drums/ vocals. The drummer, bass player, and pianist have written songs and played together for two years. The addition of Taylor on guitar was the finishing touch on the sound they were looking for. With a tour planned for the southeast and a debut CD coming out in the fall, 2008 is sure to be an exhilarating year. Come experience the sound that is Jimbobwe.
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