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The GoGetter
#186 in Rock SongVault Certified
The GoGetter
Instrumental Rock
Length: 4:16
On Network Since Jul 24, 2007
#603 in Alternative SongVault Certified
Adult Alternative
Length: 5:27
On Network Since Dec 15, 2007
Blow The Spot
#679 in Alternative SongVault Certified
Blow The Spot
John Anno Http://wwwjohnannocom
Length: 4:46
On Network Since Jul 29, 2007
John Anno
SongVault Certified Artist John Anno

Missouri, United States

Adult Alternative

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Hailing from Springfield, Missouri, John Anno bring's you a fusion of various musical styles which includes blues, funk, jazz, rock, and even hip-hop. A creative musical exploration based around a rhythmic structure with a commitment to song craft. It's a feeling and a connection, one you can't point to but know when you see it. it's satisfying and challenging, unquestioned and trusted. It ebbs and flows and moves us...and in the end, it's music! Music that has something to say and John has the skill to fluidly express it. . John has performed shows throughout the Midwest since 2003, and having shared the stage with such national acts as The Urge, The Phunk Junkeez, 2 Live Crew, Tech N9ne and Afroman. John has written songs as a member of some of Springfields most popular bands. "Now I record and perform my music for everyones enjoyment, or discomfort. I guess im a junkie for music. For me its the soundtrack of life. It can describe so many things without saying a word. Its wierd how some of the best creativity can come out of you when you are at extremes in life. Whether that be positive or negative, some of the best music ive written has been from that. Falling in love, losing someone, bliss or turmoil. When your feeling that, it really comes out of you in strange ways."
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