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Another Room
#81 in Jazz SongVault Certified
Another Room
Kathleen Siskron's ELECTRO FLOW
Smooth Jazz
Length: 4:08
On Network Since Aug 2, 2007
Kathleen Siskron / Katzy
SongVault Certified Artist Kathleen Siskron / Katzy

Canyon Country
California, United States

Smooth Jazz / Singer/Songwriter

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Kathleen Siskron is aka Katwoman & Katzy & Kat ! All the way from SanFrancisco to Hollywood since the 80's performing and recording at "Harry Fields" studio of music in W.Hwd.,Ca. to Non-Stop studios in VanNuys,Ca. to Blue Palm studios in N.Hwd. to Piranha Records studio in N.Hwd.,Ca. to Canyon Sound Recorders in Canyon Country,Ca. to Tobi Hero Wilson studio in LA,Ca. Radio station : 99.3 in Hollywood,Ca. on the "Sporty G & his golden oldies show with DJ "Gordy Horn". Cable tv shows on Time Warner,Adelphia,Century,New Wave Theatre,(80's). The "Magestic Theatre" in Ventura,Ca. 9-05 a fund raiser for children in music with the "Katwoman band". Performed with "Canned Heat" at the "Blue Cafe" in Long Beach,Ca. Clips are on video on my web site at : and Clubs and private parties all over LA,Ca. with a variety of musicians. Soulful,eclectic,pop,bluesy,rock,jazzy,& healing singer. Designing songs written to take you to your higher self with a message to share the peace with in. I am #8 out of 15 children. I am Creating a book of stories and songs that match the times of my life.I love my family & friends ! People are my life and without you all,well I would just go live in the forest !
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