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Fly On His Wings
#79 in Christian SongVault Certified
Fly On His Wings
Christian Pop / Rock
Length: 4:54
On Network Since Jul 13, 2008
SongVault Certified Artist Katholicus

Maryland, United States

Christian Pop / Rock / Hard Rock

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Katholicus (pronounced: Ka-thÓ-li-kus) provides a guitar-dominated commercially oriented melodic hard rock sound of Christian music to edify and motivate, and features catchy power-pop melodies over-top heavy power chords, ripping guitar solos and lots of double guitar leads. Katholicus brings back the melodic hard rock/pop-metal sounds of the 1980s and early 90s with a modern twist and lyrics that are good for the soul.

The lead guitarist, singer, and songwriter for Katholicus, Adam Miller, studied guitar formally (both classical and jazz-rock fusion) for five years. In the past he has recorded in a number of studios along the East Coast, and has toured from the Atlantic to the Rockies.

Miller is a veteran in the rock music scene. His hard rock group of the late 1980’s, Shockwave, was offered an opportunity to sign by a Geffen Records A & R rep back in 1987, but they turned it down. Says Adam, "We would have been 'raped,' both financially and of our honor, had we accepted and submitted to their conditions… We decided to keep our integrity and our souls."

Katholicus was formed in 2005 by Miller and his musical cohorts “to fill in the much needed gap of bringing the primacy of melody back into Christian hard rock,” explains Miller.

“The predominance of melody applies to both the vocals and lead guitar performances. However, unique in the Christian hard rock scene is the fact that Katholicus works to reach Catholic youth – among others – as well as anyone who likes the classic melodic hard rock sounds of the 80s and early 90s.”

The songs of Katholicus are receiving regular airplay on Christian music stations throughout the Engilish-speaking world and have appeared on number of other Christian compilation CDs. Katholicus plans many more CD releases. So stay tuned!

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