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Cover Girl
#204 in Rhythm & Blues SongVault Certified
Cover Girl
Cover Girl Single
Length: 3:28
On Network Since Aug 23, 2007
Cover Girl (Remix)
#220 in Rhythm & Blues SongVault Certified
Cover Girl (Remix)
Cover Girl (Single)
Length: 3:58
On Network Since Mar 2, 2008
SongVault Certified Artist Lamar

New Jersey, United States

Urban / Alternative

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Lamar is known for being the 2x Apollo Winner of 2006, being on UPN's "Give Me The Mic", top ten for Philidelphia Idol, as well as performing for Damon Dash, & Eve at Philly's Fashion Expo. Cover Girl is basically a single explaining how a young man noticed this beautiful young lady in a magazine. He was dazed at how her beauty was .. he couldn't keep her eyes off of it he had to meet her if he had only 1 night .. with the girl on the cover of that magazine. its a very interesting unique ballad .. the single has already began to hit the airwaves in the southern states such as Arkansas & parts of Texas.. The single will continue to blow with the help of Suthun Music Entertainment which is currently owned by his brother AJ Burton (Hope, Arkansas) words from AJ Burton " Lamar is an amazing a Singer I'm so glad to be a part of His Career .. For further advancement & placement .. Lamar isn't currently signed, but based on 1 single there have been Labels gaining interest, We will continue to push his debut until we can't push it anymore .. Currently his debut will be available on Itunes, Yahoo Music Launch, AOL Music Net, Rhapsody and many more in the following countries USA, Japan, UK, Canada, Australia, Denmark, Spain, Switzerland, Norway, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Ireland, Finland, Sweden, New Zealand, Germany, Greece, Austria and Italy!!!" Please Support Lamar ! you can currently add him on myspace at Lamar's second single "Tonight" Scheduled for released in March of 2008!!!
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