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Life Sized
Adult Alternative
Length: 4:29
On Network Since Jan 7, 2009
lindsay darcy
SongVault Certified Artist lindsay darcy

England, United Kingdom

Adult Alternative / New Acoustic

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Lindsay D'arcy, if Damien Rice smashed into James Blunt and Leonard Cohen was sweeping up the road kill, you'd have a D'arcy thing going on; evocative, sensitive, vignettes and stories of life and love.

Reviews>'Lindsay's voice draws the ears as his words draw the heart making him this month's diamond in the rough,' promatik Music.. "Absolutely heartbreaking song. I've never heard a song sung by a male artist that captured this very female experience so well." Amie Street for 'Analise' ......... " This is what music is all about," Fame Game Radio reviewer.................. "delicate, dark, and moving; one for the thoughtful collection - stripe-tease will never be the same!'............... Amie Street Quiet, ethereal and introspective. ...... Amie Street 'Stunning performance, dark, sublime and uplifting at the same time'BBC Radio Red Light.................. “Dark. Music isn't very original, but the way he uses it with the lyrics is.” Amie Street
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