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All is Well
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All is Well
The RIver
Contemporary Folk
Length: 4:50
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Liz Boehmke
SongVault Certified Artist Liz Boehmke

Rhode Island, United States

Contemporary Folk / Christian

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First musical influences came from church and theater where my mom sang soprano. The church choir perched high in the cathedral loft performed ethereal, mysterious music in languages I didn’t know. While they sang, I inquisitively gazed over the railings or walked among “the giant pipes” of the organ. All the while, my ears grew accustomed to polyphonic sounds, unusual languages and beginning ideas of music were formed.
Musical theatre tickled my ears with frequent changes in key and style... and of course, the costumes and colors and dances would make any child's eyes widen.
Then came the guitar! Listening to my cousin's grandfather play his nylon string was a treat for anyone, but I was a toddler and my dream became to make beautiful sounds like him! Little did I know about this man's legacy in the guitar world. My first influence was a brilliant one!
Teen years found me on the beach with a guitar, carrying a guitar everywhere... writing and playing songs about nature. Began my first band... music school... recording... music became the way that i expressed myself freely.
Ideas, places travelled, nature, feelings and most of all love find their way into these songs.
Hope you like them.
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