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All Songs Slave 2 Money
Los Perdios - BAILA LOCA
#11 in Latin SongVault Finals
Los Perdios - BAILA LOCA
Slave 2 Money
Latin Dance
Length: 1:50
On Network Since Dec 18, 2008
Los Perdios - PARA EL SHOW
#12 in Latin SongVault Finals
Los Perdios - PARA EL SHOW
Slave 2 Money
Latin Dance
Length: 2:17
On Network Since Dec 18, 2008
Los Perdios-CATIMBA
#13 in Latin SongVault Finals
Los Perdios-CATIMBA
Slave 2 Money
Latin Dance
Length: 3:20
On Network Since Dec 18, 2008

Illinois, United States

Latin Dance / House

In 2007 a Group of 3 Cousins have climbed the charts of the latin Music
scene in Chicago taking the listeners by suprise with their new style of music called bailaton, from what started as a joke amongst family to get on stage and have fun became a life changeing experience for the whole group. In 2007 after the first show the group were requested to perform in other
outdoor events including the famous Chicago "Bandera a Bandera" fest,
taking main stage act at peek hour perfoming for thousands of
latinos. In 2008 the group did most of the shows around the
Chicago land area as well. The group was called to perform in "Pinellas
Park" Tampa,Florida area and received a sponsorship from The MARFAN
SYNDROM CHAPTER of Illinos that helped get the group out to
Florida and they performed along side other big acts. Once back
in Chicago the music style bailaton was geting more ratings from
listeners and got in the hands of Carmen Marron Movie producer.
Carmen is working on a movie called 'GO FOR IT" starring "Amiee
Garica" from the George Lopez show, Carmen liked the song from
the Album "Slave 2 Money" called "BAILA LOCA" and will be featured
it in a battle scene for the movie.

In the 3 years the group has been together they have learned
alot about the music business and know that the record
companies will not embrace a new style of music or act unless
they see alot of revenue getting spent on the Band or group.

So the group is ready to take this Gift and talent to those
wanting new music and diferent taste!

Dont forget to add them if you have myspace!
For more information on how to contact los perdios you can
email Visit our web site
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