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Callin U
HipHop / Rap
Length: 4:10
On Network Since Apr 19, 2009
Magic (MAG)
SongVault Certified Artist Magic (MAG)

Michigan, United States

HipHop / Rap / Rhythm & Blues

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Gripping vocals, clever lyrics, and a smooth edge banging track are the back and spine of Magicís freshmen effort, Calliní U.

A percussive, bass laden rap CD capable of leaving hip hop fans buzzing, R&B listener amazed, music connoisseur quivering, and kidís rapping alone with every line for the duration, Calliní U is pure and as hot as it gets.

With thick layers of bumping tracks fronted by Magicís trademark worn, in your face vocals and a keen ear for sophisticated hip hop poignancy, Magic is able to combine smart tight lyrics with the boldness of the head spinning tracks. All while crafting a sharply produced, hook-savvy rap CD appealing to indie, mainstream, and hip hop fans alike.

To put it another way, Magicís Calliní U takes you to a time when the party is getting started. The premises is crowded to capacity and youíre throwing your hands up in the air, thinking that this situation is so right, reminiscing of how you got the girl at the party and how the world seems to be yours.

Though, even with the smooth lyrical vibe of calliní U looming overhead, the hard hitting beat pierces through and promises nothing short of classic. And the day after that may find you talking about it for evermore.

Here is an album that hides the swag, but has plenty of it. This is an album that keeps you craving for more. This is the genius of Detroit, Michiganí Magic.
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