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Stony Creek
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Stony Creek
The Source
New Acoustic
Length: 4:17
On Network Since Sep 7, 2008
magic brook
SongVault Certified Artist magic brook

California, United States

New Acoustic / Experimental

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"The guitar playing is phenomenal and quite original" Darryl Salach, Target Magazine.

While traveling the well worn path of “utility” guitar player, magic brook began to pursue a personal musical vision: "2 hands, one guitar"

Working on his first solo release, "The Great Blues Sea", Brook started re-exploring alternate techniques and tunings on acoustic guitar.

Fast forward to the present: Brook is playing, and composing, gigging, and lately, teaching these sometimes experimental, but always musical sounds.

"I’m fascinated by the sounds that steel and wood combined with two hands, one soul, can express. “The Source” is pure; just one guitar played by one person - what are the possibilities in that?" - magic brook

Brook has returned to a source; a source of clear, refreshing musical waters, a holy well of the sacred “Soul Art Dance”.

Brook has played for and with some big names, Bo Diddley, Chuck Berry. Laurie Lewis, among others, in many musical genres, folk to jazz. He draws upon a large repertoire of styles and genres.

...great facility, I really dig (his) playing! -- Kenny
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