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mc signs
SongVault Certified Artist mc signs

Illinois, United States

HipHop / Rap

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Signs whose also known as(AKA) Afro-Amero and also as a chi-town native grew up in uptown Chicago for about twelve years. Later on he was sent to his parents native home town Nigeria in June middle of 1996. During his stay he learned more about the history of the African culture and his African roots which wasn't intially known in his early years. Becoming influenced and inspired by the the hip hop culture signs began writing raps along with poetry as a way of telling stories and expressing himself through his music. As many speak well of his level of maturity signs has proven himself as a true mc oppose to just being known as a regular rapper. Early 2002 Signs returned back to chicago to pursue rap as a career with him calling it his Hip hop college. Representing his country Nigeria and his second home chicago, Signs has rapidly increased in both his music and his image as a rap artist
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