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For You
#682 in Pop SongVault Certified
For You
Michael Paige
Adult Contemporary
Length: 4:01
On Network Since Feb 1, 2008
Michael Paige
SongVault Certified Artist Michael Paige

Las Vegas
Nevada, United States

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Born in Bronx, New York to an Austrian father and Cuban mother, Michael Paige grew up in a multi-cultural setting. As a child, he studied piano and played at the Carnegie Hall for the Children’s Concert Series, knowing at the age of 14 that music would be a big part of his life. Michael has Bachelors in music and now resides in Las Vegas where he’s currently completing his masters in music at UNLV, and continues to perform at such prominent hotels as in The Mirage, The Bellagio, Treasure Island, The Luxor and Rio.

Michael Paige’s journey as the “New Voice of Romance” has just begun. The assortment of Michael’s self-titled debut album encompasses love ballads and dance music crossing over to a blend of continental flavors. Michael’s style and hands-on approach makes him multi-talented in all aspects of music; writing and publishing his own music, singing in six languages and playing the piano. Michael’s recording label, Astrum Records, has also surrounded his project around some of the most talented people in the record industry.
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