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Michael Polk
SongVault Certified Artist Michael Polk

South Carolina, United States

HipHop / Rap

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The commercial music industry is extremely biased in the sense that the almighty dollar drives almost every decision made. Artists are vastly different from one another but are pressed to replicate that music which has been commercially accepted. As a result, fans and music enthusiasts are let down and discouraged when repetitive, similar songs are overplayed on the radio or in the clubs. The people who listen to music demand for something new and different is what keeps them listening over and over again. The people desire a sound that is unique…a Kustom sound.

Upon matriculation into The Citadel Class of 2010, two members of Kustom, A.J. Harley and Michael Polk were acquainted while enduring the “knob” military system in Band Company. Michael Polk, aka “M 2 Da P”, provided the beats and composed the music which is the foundation for the original make-up of each Kustom song. Prior to the hybrid sounds utilized in each beat, Michael rapped and produced for the independent group “Guntech 3” and introduced A.J. Harley to the Guntech 3 group upon initiation into the Citadel Corps of Cadets.

The Kustom sounds M 2 Da P and A. Jizzle were looking for included a well mixed genre of Hip-Hop and driving rap with a hint of R&B in every song. This is something that is absent from the music industry today. Kustom innovative songs have driving club-like feel (or simply something to dance to) and have singing and complimentary rapping parts in both the Chorus (the hook) and the verse.

A.J. Harley, aka “A. Jizzle”, took a liking to Michael’s production work and was recruited to do a step recording for the song “Do Ya Drill.” Michael saw real potential in A.J.’s voice and the master copy of “Do Ya Drill” supported Michael’s predictions. “Do Ya Drill” is a song inspired by the military environment at The Citadel. As cadets, Michael and A.J. were accustomed to having a military drill period every Tuesday and Thursday. However, the two songsters had a different vision for a drill movement; not a military one, but a dance. Behind a simple snap beat, they recorded the Kustom sound to create a song that incorporated the phrase “Do Ya Drill” by implying that the drill was the dance at hand.

A. Jizzle and M 2 Da P work together to build the unique sound and originality of each song. They self-produce each song and retain all original ideas for each song and have a sustained confidence in their ability to make an impression on the music industry. Thus, Kustom was born.

Feel free to provide audience feedback. Let us know what you think of the music, the lyrics and the mood each song conveys. Without audience feedback, the music industry will continue to produce mindless repetition which is certainly not the Kustom sound.

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