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In Da Club
#44 in Rhythm & Blues SongVault Certified
In Da Club
Length: 3:38
On Network Since Apr 23, 2008
SongVault Certified Artist Mirahj

Texas, United States

Urban / Adult Contemporary

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Whether it’s the look in his eyes, or the heartfelt soul within each note that he sings.
Mirahj has the innate ability to capture the heart of each and every person who has the opportunity of listening to his music. Growing up, he was by nature outgoing at times and shy at others. Friends called him “contemplative” which ended up being an asset to his musical abilities, giving him a creative edge and a passion that can be rivaled only by the likes of some of the world’s most outstanding musicians.
Mirahj has a distinct style of his own, created by a beautiful entanglement of traits derived from musicians who have influenced him through the years. A hint of Smokey Robinson in his silky smooth vocals. An air of Prince envelops his songwriting. A touch
of Eddie Levert in the passion of his voice. His infectious melodies are reminiscent of George Clinton and P-Funk, and a Marvin Gaye “feel good “ sound emits from each song. Moreover, releasing a timelessness that will go on forever.
Mirahj’s philosophy on life and music is unique and refreshing. He loves life and everything about it. To Mirahj , each day holds a story of its own, a song to be written and doesn’t look at the past with regrets, but looks towards the future with anticipation.
“Let the past be a lesson or a precious memory and the future a beautiful world of possibilities”. He loves the pace of life, and accepts its changes with enthusiasm. Both simple and complex, intriguing and spiritual, he constantly challenges himself with his thoughts, his creation of music is nothing less than breathtaking. His lyrics are soulful, intelligent, and passionate. He is eternally grateful . New Urban Soul, These are the makings of Mirahj. These are the makings of the music he creates. A legend in the making, Mirahj is here to stay.
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