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Into The Nectar
#116 in Alternative SongVault Certified
Into The Nectar
Adult Alternative
Length: 3:34
On Network Since Sep 5, 2009
SongVault Certified Artist Monesque

Victoria, Australia

Adult Alternative / Soft Rock

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An original songwriter-guitarist from Brisbane based in Melbourne, Monesque writes about diverse topics,likes exploring melody and through her own unique sound, tries to treat each song as a separate canvas, as if it were a painting. Monesque is left-handed right-handed guitar player and likes recording songs in different ways with different instruments and recording environments. Monesque is the solo name and has played in her own band, Novakade, with its diverse and eclectic range, and its comings and goings of musicians, as well as its changing incarnations in both Brisbane and Melbourne. Monesque has an arts background and makes her own videos. She's been inspired by a wide and varied range of music, and has mostly been inspired all types of alternative and indie music. She is also inspired by arabic and african music.
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