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Blue Mountains
NSW, Australia

Electronic / Adult Contemporary

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Imagine being physically immersed in a cauldron filled with Jackson Pollock imagery, splashes of Bjork electronica beats and textures and angelic vocals of Portishead..... this is the inspiration from which moZaiKa, a female duo from the Blue Mountains, Australia, drew from to create their first single "Follow In Me".

moZaiKa is an original blend of Alternative, Electronica and Classical music, sometimes experimental, always original.

Line up includes classical piano, electric violin, electric cello, live strings and various mystical elements of electronica, coloured with haunting vocal melodies, strange textures and fascinating beats.

The Basement (Sydney) was the prestigious venue for their debut performance in mid 2006. Since then, moZaiKa have recorded their first single, which is presently under limited release through cdbaby and itunes - a taster for the debut album due for release mid-2007, accompanied with a dvd of visual / digital works. Their live multi-media production, "Magellanic Voyage", involving circus, dance, art and music is currently in pre-production, to be performed later this year.

moZaiKa's mission should you choose to accept it, is to intrigue you, spark your interest in the darkness of life and the perplexing mysteries that just are. And, while we are at it, we want to generate a heightened state of awareness to the sacredness and oneness of Life. We want to stir your sense of wonder of Life and inspire you to feel it, touch it live it.....
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