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All Songs What Does It All Mean?
Gotta Getcha
#126 in Rhythm & Blues SongVault Certified
Gotta Getcha
What Does It All Mean?
Length: 4:09
On Network Since Aug 13, 2010
Right Here
#390 in Pop SongVault Certified
Right Here
What Does It All Mean?
Length: 3:56
On Network Since Aug 13, 2010
Nate La Rock
SongVault Certified Artist Nate La Rock

Mississippi, United States


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Nate La Rock is about to be huge. And he’s one of those rare people who deserve to be. For Nate, music was a childhood friend he kept throughout adulthood.

"When I was little, I wanted to perform so bad that I would try to get in every talent show I could find. My family would make fun of me because I would hum little songs at the dinner table while I was eating".

Destined for stardom since day one, the Fort Lauderdale, Florida native’s determined spirit first materialized while singing in his church choir.

"When I was growing up in church, I sang tenor in the church choir. Not trying to sound conceited but I would always wonder why “so-and-so” could lead songs and I couldn’t. And I knew that even though my voice was raw, I could sing rings around that person. It was then that I began to form that "warrior" mentality. When it came to my music, I had to understand that no one was gonna give me anything. I had to have a certain level of belief in myself in order to propel me forward into my destiny…no matter where that destiny lead me. Fortunately, my destiny just happened to be a career in music. I took that frame of mind and ran with it".

While in college, he started working with Raye Stevens Music, an entertainment company that would prove to be the catalyst that pushed his drive to be successful with a music career to a WHOLE ‘nother level.

I worked with Bruce (the bandleader) for about 11 years. Most of the time we were playing Weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, and corporate parties all over South Florida.
I like to joke that I’ve been to more Jewish temples than most Jewish people. But doing those shows taught me one thing I take with me where ever I perform…Its about the crowd, it’s never about me. When I get on a stage, I have to give 110% because they came to see me so that’s what they deserve to get from me.

College is also where he began to produce his own tracks, sometimes doing 8-10 hour sessions 5 days a week.

When I started making beats back then, I would find myself in a zone and time would just fly by. I would start while the sun was up but when I was done I’d look out the window & see the sun coming back up again. Back then, making music was just amazing to me!

There was one pivotal moment in his life that affected Nate La Rock like nothing else in this world.

I was playing a wedding reception on the beach.
One of the brass players and I were talking by the beach and he said two things to me that were like a stiff brick to the head. The first was “If I had your talent, I would have been a millionaire a long time ago”. Coming from him that meant something because he ACTUALLY WAS a millionaire. The second thing was “Whatever you are doing when you turn 40, you’ll be doing for the rest of your life”. Why that was so profound to me was 40 is normally seen at the turning point of your life and I would hate to think about being stuck living life not doing what I was put on earth to do. And what I was meant to do was make music.

This is exactly what his highly anticipated debut is about…His music. His indomitable songwriting skills tied to his undeniably incredible voice is definitely something to behold. Not too many artists are able to blend Pop, R&B, & Neo Soul quite the way Nate La Rock does it…and boy, does he do it. His debut album, “What Does It All Mean” is truly a watershed moment that meets both of his goals…to sound good and feel good. His songs are unconventional but at the same time, are universally appealing in what the album offers to the music world…genuinely good music. “What Does It All Mean” is representative of Nate La Rock’s world where music is music and you don't need to define it because it's all good.

My goal is to make the best music that I can. No more, no less.
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